GBS Technology Services

Empowering Governments to Enable Secure Travel.

We continue to work with various governments to create a seamless interface solution for traveler to easily, comfortably, securely apply for visa and passport services. We continue to innovate to create solution for travel during Covid-19 and beyond.
Serving Client Governments Since 2015

A group of companies GBS Technology Services and IVS Global Services is a trusted Partner for Providing Outsource Visa, Passport and Consular Services since 2005

Top 3
Trusted Service Provider to Indian Mission/MEA
15+ years
Now in our 16th year of operation
10+ Countries
of operations
300+ Staff
Professional Customer Service Staff
100+ Offices
Exclusive Front Offices for Outsource Services
10+ Million
Total applications processed
  • Information Security

  • Quality Management

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

With the strong partnership with IVS Global Services we manage visa centers across Europe and Middle East and Asia. We handle more than one million applications per year.
GBS Technology Services is a global visa outsourcing company. The company provides the innovation technology services to governments and citizens.

GBS Technology Services operates with modern and innovative IT solutions, which provide the most convenient service for governments and applicants.

Our goal is to improve global mobility based on secure, innovation and professionalism.

Our team is group of highly experienced professionals which allows us to provide the highest level of quality services.

The union between GBS Technology Services and IVS Global Services is recognized as a pioneer in the Diplomatic process outsourcing industry and has been operational for over a decade. Having gained the experience from processing millions of applicants globally, the union is well accustomed to the requirements of Diplomatic Missions as well as the intricacies of each country’s operating environment. Our solutions enable the consular and visa section of the Missions to focus solely on decision making; while the administrative management of data, financial transactions, passports and documents is handled by our union.
Our approach has a keen focus on:
  • Security (Electronic and physical) of Documents, Information and Facilities
  • Technology: Robustness, flexibility and compatibility
  • Process compliance and quality control as per ISO standards
  • SLA Monitoring
  • Financial transparency
  • Voice of customer
  • Applicant turn- around time
The union between GBS Technology Services and IVS Global Services serves Diplomatic Missions by managing all administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to the entire life cycle of Visa / Passport application processes, enabling missions to focus entirely on the key aspects of assessment of the Visa / Passport application. The union is an active partner to Governments and Diplomatic Missions in consular and citizen services, focused on providing cutting edge and holistic services and solutions. Being very accessible and flexible in our approach towards Client Governments, we are able to unlock new values and meet the rising expectations of applicants. We excel in the industry through innovative solutions, unbeatable quality of provided services, creative and effective promotion of tourism & business development and outstanding customer experience resulting in long-term benefits for the missions, Governments and applicants. We meet every challenge, by establishing effective solution-oriented communication, to provide prompt deliverables. Excellence is what we demand from every member of our team, being united in achieving goals and continuously raising the bar of improvements, investments and achievements.
We make process simpler for you.
We offer expert services in document processing to suit the respective needs of individuals or institutions.
The Ministry of External Affairs of India (MEA) Attestation - Apostille
Authenticating your personal as well as educational documents such as your birth / marriage / death certificates, degrees, diplomas, affidavits, power of attorneys, etc. in 105 member countries of the Hague Convention by a single attestation done via Apostille.
The Ministry of External Affairs of India (MEA) Attestation - General
General attestation is done for your personal as well as educational documents in case of countries which are not a member of the Hague Convention, and where Apostille is not accepted.
State HRD Authentication (Educational Documents)
We assist you in authenticating your educational documents in different states as per the respective authentication requirements under specific governing bodies which is applicable to the state in question.
State HD Authentication (Personal Documents)
As per the varying norms of the respective governing bodies pertaining to a specific state, your personal documents are authenticated accordingly. We simplify the process for you through our expert documentation services.
Embassy Legalisation 
We assist you in legalising Indian documents in countries where additional embassy legalisation is required. Our expert team ensures proper submission of documents on time along with round-the-clock coordination with embassies and consulates to mitigate any delays in completion of the process.
Language Translation
Apart from attestation and legalisation of documents, we offer professional language translation of your documents in those countries where it is an additional requirement. Almost all major languages are covered such as English, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.
Our Advantages
  • 1
    A group of companies GBS Technology Services and IVS Global Services are registered entities with a transparent company structure which complies with all legal and administrative regulations. We have adequate financial resources and strength to execute large scale projects or any kind of global project.
  • 2
    Strong large-scale operations
    The Group has handed Visa/Passport services since 2006 for various governments and diplomatic missions with proven track record. IVS and GBS ensures the operational readiness of Visa Application Centres within 2 weeks from the winning of the contract. The expected yearly number of applications to be processed is 1+ million. This is in fact a testimonial to our domain expertise and delivery excellence with respect to large and complex projects.
  • 3
    Global presence & exposure
    Our global footprint spreads from the America’s to the Gulf, From Europe to Africa and South-East Asia. We have vast experience in handling projects in more than 15 countries, which has given us deep insight into various aspects of the visa outsourcing business, including VAC setup/roll out, service management and global best practices on customer services. We have gained a great understanding of unique social requirements and cultural sensitivities, based on what, adequate procedures are applied. Understanding the specific, personal needs of some of the applicants, and facilities based on a religious requirement are provided in several Visa Application Centers.
  • 4
    High security standards
    Physical & data backup and encryption of applicant’s data, which is kept confidential at all times, have the highest importance for us. At GBS and IVS union it is the responsibility of each employee to follow and implement set security procedures and standards, which are maintained through: Property Due-Diligence, Pre-Employment Screening, Physical Access Control System, CCTV Surveillance, Security Policies, Manuals and SOPs, Fire & Natural Disasters Protection, Audits & Trainings, Secure Document Storage, Packaging and Transportation, Incident Management..
  • 5
    Strong biometric experience
    Our companies currently providing visa related biometric enrolment services in 5 countries. We are currently doing more than 50,000+ biometric enrolments on a yearly basis. This experience has given us a deep insight into the biometric driven Visa Process and helped us to build expertise and scale to manage large global contracts.
  • 6
    Unique approach towards customer service
    We offer high satisfaction among applicants and diplomatic missions. Multiple testimonials from missions around the world prove the competence of our employees and their dedication towards enjoyable, hassle free and customer-oriented service. Employees of Visa Application Centres are trained in the area of soft skills and communication, as well as how to increase customers’ experience, by dealing with children/people with special needs/elderly friendly environment.
  • 7

    Large offer of Value Added Services

    Versatile Value Added Services are offered by qualified employees at Visa Application Centres, just to mention a few: photocopy, printing, form filling services, Meet & Greet services, car rental, VAT return, telecom/SIM card, travel/health insurance, hotel/flight booking and international driving permit. All affordably priced, create the perfect travelling support for applicants.
  • 8

    Creative promotion of tourism and business opportunities

    We offer customized to the country interiors of Visa Application Centres, attire, creative celebration of national events, travel kits, social media campaigns, and promotional materials, including Welcome Card - an informative brochure distributed to applicants in order to enable a hassle-free trip. This all enhances the applicant’s first impression of the country, increases excitement about the planned trip, destination awareness and creates curiosity about cultural heritage.
Our ESG Responsibilities

We believe that this is the best time to leverage technology and human capabilities to tackle Environment, Social and Governance challenges.

Our ESG priorities are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, as set by the United Nations, which are relevant to our business and ESG strategy.

Our environmental program is about making a long-term contribution to global environmental challenges, through our own operations.
Continously create an inclusive environment and encourage diversity.
To build a diverse and accountable governance and protect and secure both our own and the client’s data.
Our Visa Application Centre
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Equipped and Fully Secured Visa Application Centres
The Entrance 
  • Metal detectors for maximum security
  • Security check with hand held metal detector by Trained Security Personnel
  • Dedicated entrance for differently-abled visitors
  • Organized Queue Management system 
Front Office Counter
  • Competent Front Office Staff to cater to high volume seasonal visitors
  • Efficient crowd management system with dedicated staff to attend to individuals and travel agents
Differently-abled Zone
  • One Stop Counter for convenience
  • Ramp and Lift facility for easy accessibility
  • Wheelchair availability
Biometric counter
  • Secured Biometric collection under strict CCTV surveillance
  • Skilled Staff for accurate biometric capture & maintenance of LQF (Low Quality Fingerprints)
  • Organized Queue Management system 
Privacy by Design
  • Center layout designed to maintain privacy of interaction between applicant and staff
  • Minimal collection of information– only as required for reporting, tracking, communication and courier delivery
  • System driven anonymization and purging
Value Added Services for Enhanced Customer Experience

Interview & Document Management

Document Digitization and Indexation

Extended and weekend working hours

Real time tracking of Visa Application with SMS Notification

Integrated document scanning solution for faster processing time

Document movement trackingvia scan feature

Translation, Photograph, courier, travel insurance and form filling services
VIP Member Lounge Access
Our Features
Omni Channel Customer Support Solution
  • Free Information provided with assistance in form filling, appointments, application status, etc. as per Portugal Guidelines
  • Content dissemination after due approvals
  • Machine-to-registered Email communication – with no/minimal PII access by Agents
  • AI Chat bot for query handling – with human intervention for complex requests
Integrated Security Model
Establishing efficient security through a model integrated by technical and architectural controls, managed through substantial operational processes.
  • Operational Controls:
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Systems and Service Delivery Monitoring & Administration
    • Security, Risk Assessments & Audits
  • Architectural Controls:
    • Perimeter Security
    • Physical Security (Security Personnel, Secured Storage and transportation of Passports and Documents, Key management, etc.)
  • Technical Controls:
    • Access Controls
    • Security Cameras (CCTV monitoring locally and in Global Security Operations Centre)
    • Intruder Detection Systems, Fire Safety Alarms, etc.
Data Centres
  • GBS Technology and IVS GLOBAL Data Centres fully comply with the regulations of Client Governments and are highly secured and protected strictly adhering with best in class standards.
  • Our Data Centers organize, process, store and disseminate the large amounts of data as our business relies heavily upon the applications services and data contained within the data centers, making it a focus point and critical asset for everyday operations.
  • This allows our IT infrastructure to cope with disasters and provide service to operations within an agreed period of outage. Replication between the database servers at the data center ensures high availability of the servers and data in the event of any disaster affecting either site.
Audits & Internal Review
All Visa Centres are subject to periodic Risk Assessment Audits. Under the supervision of trained and experienced Security resources, the internal audits and control checks are implemented by the regional resource / Security SPOCs as well as the Mystery audits by external agency.

The Process:
A comprehensive audit program is followed to identify the security policies compliance and procedure inconsistencies through the following audit schedule:
  • Annual Risk Assessment (Corporate)
  • Physical Security Evaluation (Regional / Country)
  • Mystery Shopping/ Audit (Corporate)
  • Periodic Inspections of Technical Infrastructure (VAC)
  • Self-Assessment Audit (VAC Manager) 
Technical Infrastructure Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments of all servers, routers, firewalls and switches are carried out on a regular basis to ensure no vulnerabilities exist and compliance with best practices and GBS Technology policies.
  • Regular penetration testing of all internet point of presence at GBS Technology to ensure no vulnerabilities exists on the system that could allow a potential hacker to gain a foothold inside the GBS Technology network environment.
  • Configuration Audits and rule-based review of all firewalls, routers, switches and servers carried out regularly and backed up securely to ensure availability.
GDPR Approach
To ensure GDPR compliance is met, our approach involves an efficient data protection and privacy strategy that includes the following:
  • Applicability Assessment
  • Gap Assessment
  • PII Inventory
  • GDPR Documentation (Policies & Procedures)
  • GDPR Awareness & Training
  • GDPR Implementation
  • Consent, Notification & Subject Access Requests
  • Data Protection Officer
Data Processing Principles
  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency in processing data
  • Purpose limitation – only collect for specific contractual obligations and never use it for other purposes
  • Data minimization – only collect the data required for executing requirements
  • Accuracy – error-free data capture by the staff into the system
  • Storage limitation – after the purpose of data collection is fulfilled, the same is purged at regular intervals as set forth in the contract
  • Integrity and confidentiality – data is kept safe and encrypted with the highest standards in the industry
  • Accountability – able to prove the compliance with above at GBS Technology.
Information Security Key Drivers
  • Only authorized personnel to have access to information
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality of information and its processing methods
  • Information access to be provided to personnel only when needed
Data Protection
  • Systems and processes compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR
  • Secured fire-proof cabinets for physical data storage with role-based access, 24x7 CCTV surveillance, intrusion detectors, and fire alarms
  • Paper Shredding with logs
  • Transportation of physical data transportation on paper and USBs with secure GPS tracking
  • Regular access code revisions to ensure control measures
Team Commitment
  • Planning and Sizing of Requirements
    • Skill sets & JD to job requirements for positions
    • Hiring to ensure adherence to minimum staffing complement:
    • Manager/Supervisory staff
    • Permanent staff – considering peak seasons, demand surges and attrition
    • Seasonal staff – only to manage peak season demand 
  • Fostering a Positive Workplace Environment
    • Salaries benchmarked to similar positions in Customer Services
    • Welfare measures such as pension/provident fund, medical insurance and welfare allowances
    • Opportunities for growth 
  • Background Verification
    • Identity and Right-to-work as per local law
    • Residence, employment and educational background
    • Criminal Records Check
    • Cross-check with Mission records
  • Acceptance of Code of Conduct
    • Values and Ethics
    • Anti-Bribery, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption
    • Health and Safety
    • Privacy & Security
    • Integrity of Personal Information
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Training Modules
    • Corporate Induction Program
    • Ethics, Privacy and Security
    • Soft skills and tenets of customer service
    • Visa/Passport/Consular rules and documentation requirements  
    • Other training
    • Centre/Contact Centre Standard Operating Procedures
    • Using the Application Management System of Mission and Company
  • Training Focused on Outcomes
    • Adherence to KPIs
    • Continuous ethical conduct
    • Contributing to continuous improvement
    • No incidence of corrupt practices
    • No incidence of unlawful disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information 
  • Delivery of Training
    • Instructor lead class-room training
    • Online modules moderated by supervisors or live instructors
    • Hands-on training with senior colleagues
    • Company encourages involvement of Mission staff as instructors for visa rules, document identification and document checks
Our Clients

The group of companies GBS Technology Services and IVS Global Services has been awarded numerous visa and consular services contracts. The types of contracts include:

  • Government/Mission contracts
  • Online Visa Services in partnership with the airline companies, for exclusive visa processing services.
Do what you do best and outsource the rest.
— Peter Drucker
Kaviraj Bhandari
Managing Director
With over 10 years in the travel industry , Kaviraj has vast experience and expertise in travel. Managing Director of IVS Global with a presence across Europe the Middle East and Asia, IVS manages 11 India visa centres processing over 100.000 applications a year.

Being involved in many different facets of travel, such as leisure , corporate and immigration, Kaviraj has a broad range of experience in setting up and executing various travel related ventures around the world.

Kaviraj brings with him a wide knowledge of systems and processes to streamline any travel related business.
Our Partner
Our Customers Love Us
  • Stefan, Germany

    It was a fantastic experience. I commend the

    professionalism, service orientation and attention to detail of the staff.

  • Ahmad, UAE

    I was always very worried when it came to my visa. But I felt so comfortable and relaxed when i entered the visa application centre and everything was just perfect.

  • Ramesh, India

    I had a last minute request for the visa and the team

    understood my emergency and helped me get my visa on time.

  • Farhad, Iran
    All the staff was very helpful.
  • Indika, Sri Lanka

    I got an exceptional support and customer service,

    especially during the peak months of summer.

  • Abdul, Malaysia

    The staff was very patient and explained everything in detail and made my entire experience comfortable.

Our Contacts
Feel free to write us to know more about our service and how we can help you.
+65 9667 1894
137 Telok Ayer Street #08-08
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Head Office: Singapore
137 Telok Ayer Street #08-08 Singapore (068602)
Regional Office: UAE
  • Unit 12734 - 001, Building A2, Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Dubai.
  • Office 605, West Wing, Latifa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai.
Regional Office: India
  • 66, 1st Floor, The Arcade, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai. 400 005.
Our Offices across the Globe
Berlin | Munich
  • Kolonnen Str 29, 10829, Berlin.
  • Prinzregentenstrasse 120, 81677, Munich.
  • Bab Al-Bahrain, Ground Floor, Building No. 26 Abi Obadiah Avenue Road 302 Block 304 near Air India Office Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Building, Bab Al Bahrain Ave, Manama, Bahrain
Sri Lanka
Colombo | Jaffna | Kandy
  • 129, Philip Gunawardena Mawatha, Colombo.
  • No.145, Temple Road, Nallur, Jaffna.
  • Level 2, 675 Gopallawa road, Kandy.
  • Tehran Province, Tehran, E Anahita St, Iran
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  • Lot G-06,Ground Floor, Wisma Sabah, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, 88400 Kota Kinabalu.
  • Lot 572- 573, Section 10, Jalan Nanas, 93400, Kuching Sarawak.
  • No 25 Jalan Mahkota, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang.
  • C-4-01, 4th floor, 2 persiaran greentown, 3 greentown business centre,30450 Ipoh.
Mumbai | Delhi | Bangalore | Kolkatta | Chennai
  • 604, 6th floor, God's Gift Tower, S.V. Road, Bandra (w), Mumbai - 400050
  • 66, 1st Floor, The Arcade, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai-400005
  • Ground Floor -13B, Arunachal Building, Buliding No. 19, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001
  • 30, 2nd floor,2nd main road, Seshadipuram, Bangalore - 560020
  • 13 – B.B.Ganguly Street,Room No.303, Third Floor, Punarnava, Kolkatta – 700 012, West Bengal
  • Office no T5, 3rd Floor, Amar Sindur, No 43/29,Opp. Mercury Hospital,Dina Malar, pantheon Road, egmore, Chennai - 600008
United Arab Emirates
  • Unit 12734 - 001, Building A2, Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Dubai
  • Office 605, West Wing, Latifa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

The number of our offices depends on the current contracts.
For the year 2021 we are present in 5 countries through 15 Application Centers across the globe for MEA and other governments project.
In December 2006 we were awarded the first contract for outsourcing of visa services by major Schengen country – The Embassy/Consulate General of Spain in India to perform related administrative and non-judgmental task in New Delhi and Mumbai for visa services.

The union between GBS Technology Services and IVS Global Services awarded multiple contracts by MEA/Embassy of India/High Commission of India/The consulate General of India in Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Iran, Japan, Bahrain and Germany.
We are currently handling India Visa/Passport services through exclusive India visa and Passport Application Centers in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Bahrain and Germany.

We have strong human resources counting 300+ employees worldwide. Our security practices, IT and data security layouts and disaster recovery management hold paramount importance at our companies. The proven and tested solutions help us in better data management and scalability for future business expansion and give us a provision for the business continuity.

Our companies are preferred service provider in outsourcing & front-end services space. In such projects, we provide a technologically supported framework for local and state governments to deliver Citizen Services. The history of our outsourcing projects - is operating with more than 50+ Front-End Service Centers, working in close coordination with over 10+ government departments, offering a single window for delivery of government services.